Emily Davidson

baroque cello

"Emily Davidson has everything a musician needs to make it as a world-class soloist—the drive, talent, and the charisma that musicians need to attract a following." —The Huffington Post


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About Emily's videos:
"My YouTube channel is where I post my cello playing, talk about the history behind the pieces I play, and give lessons on playing baroque music. I've even livestreamed a rehearsal or concert direct to YouTube. I started my channel in 2006, and now I've started doing it with serious commitment and consistency, usually posting a new video every other week. I love bringing this rich, evocative, and often under-appreciated repertoire to a worldwide audience! It's my hope that this music becomes as recognized as later symphonic works, and that the most unassuming of viewers feel an emotional connection with music they would have never expected." Learn how you can help support Emily's videos on Patreon.

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